"People are afraid of me because I am different"


This halloween Veeutiful has brought to you the classics from Tim burtons movies! all lashes are handmade unique anda must have! 

Edward lashes, with his classic scissor hands these lashes represent his retro hair and hands. These lashes are human mixed synthetic hair fibres, a light weight lash but also an extreme style which measures 25mm. 

This lash is great for any inspired halloween looks or even to wear out.


Please note all lashes are handmade which some designs won't look exactly the same.



SKU: 013
  • 1. Apply the lash againt your lash line and trim only from the outter part of the lash if needed.

    2. Apply glue on lash band wait 30 seconds until adhesive is tacking.

    3. Place eyelash right in the center of your lashline, use your tweezers to place the inner and outer conners carefully and press your natural lashes with false eyelashes to finish.